Born out of a deep love for ethnic crafts and art cultivated during his stint in the Peace Corps, Jim Lind returned home from Ethiopia steeped with a desire to share the rich artisanal traditions he learned during his African odyssey. Armed with a degree in fine art from UC Davis, the skilled watercolorist and self-described hippy (raised in the Bay Area in the 60's...beard...little hippy glasses...Peace Corps...artist...groovy baby) began painting colorful mandalas - the spiritual and ritual symbol which represents the universe in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions.               

Our Story

As time progressed, Jim studied gemology and jewelry-making to incorporate the radial balance of the mandalas with the natural balance and vibrating resonance of Mother Earth's crystals and minerals.

Employing both natural and hand-worked crystals and gemstones, along with ancient and contemporary trade beads, Jim began handcrafting ethnic bracelets, necklaces, and earrings and selling them at his studio and bead shop in downtown Salem, Oregon. Eventually joined by his vibrant and creative wife, Lisa, together they form a formidable artistic team. Though Lisa's university studies were in the field of biology, her love of nature, color, and balance drew her to this more artisanal pursuit - her palpable positive energy pervades her work.