Joining the Revolution - Our New Website

Ah spring - that delicious time of year when rebirth is all around us. In Oregon’s Willamette Valley our deciduous trees are festooned with verdant youthful foliage, tipped with buds ready to burst from their protective wombs. Underfoot, wildflowers brighten our every step. We awaken to the chirping and cooing of love-struck birds and the manic cries of their famished newly hatched babies.

Jim and I decided to join the rhythm of Mother Nature and resonate with our own Crystal Power & Light renaissance this spring. We’ve launched our new website to enter the digital world … as they say, the Internet represents the great democratization of the buying experience, where the customer is in charge instead of the man. Power to the people baby! Or in the words of Alan Watts, author of The Way of Zen, and 60’s spiritual luminary, The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance

So we hope you’ll join the dance with us. We’re starting out with a limited number of online products, but will be expanding over time. As many of you already know, our jewelry pieces are custom made by either Jim or myself. If you’re interested in a gorgeous turquoise necklace, a polished agate array necklace, an ancient ethnic bead bracelet, or anything in-between, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at Crystal Power & Light via phone (503) 581-3024, or via email at, and we’ll get your creation started!

In love and light,

Lisa and Jim